About Us

Who Are We?

Kakuchopurei stands for “Extended Play”. “Kakucho” means “extended” and “Purei” is “play” (katakana).

Kakuchopurei.com is your one-stop website for everything video games. We do daily coverage of video games from all over the world, be it Southeast Asia or internationally, both written and video. We also cover pop culture content ranging from Marvel films to even toys and peripherals.

Kakuchopurei is made up of multiple personalities from ex-Gamespot and IGN veterans to new folks willing to break into the esports and Twitchcasting landscape. We love all things gaming, pop culture, and everything in-between, and thus strive to create a fun culture not just for our workplace, but also for the community who read our work and watch our content.

What We Do

Kakuchopurei creates content, written and video, for our readers and fans of video games, be it consoles, PC gaming, esports, and mobile. As long as it’s something we’re passionate about, we will cover it and write about it.

We also write about pop culture topics like anime, superhero movies, sci-fi films and related TV series that pique our interests.

From the business side of things, we also offer video game business consultancy and content creation (sponsored, ad work, and so forth). We also create and run grassroots-level esports and gaming events for the Southeast Asian gaming community on a quarterly basis.

We are always looking for talent to contribute to the team, so if you want to be part of the site, do drop a line in the ‘Join Our Team’ section!

Our Dreams & Goals

We aim to be the leading Asian video game publication, producing quality video game coverage, features, reviews, and esports writeups. We also wish to be the de facto platform for video game communities all over Asia to be heard and also refer to us as the go-to site for all things video games.

With our goal of creating events that are fun for all and unique, as well as offering our advice to those who want to break into the industry, we also want to help grow, educate, and enrich video game and esports communities in the Asian region.

Our Promise To You

1. Uncompromised and honest reviews and critiques. If we think a game is great, we say it’s great. If it’s bad, we say so without pulling punches. Trust cannot be bought but earned. We strive to earn yours with the volume of work we’ve done.

2. Fun videos & complementary features. We always think outside the box when we create our content. We don’t value view count as much, but rather the quality of the work we produce. If we believe it offers merit to the video game industry, we publish it and champion it proudly.

3. Making a difference within gaming communities, competitive or casual. Our events aren’t just for show; we want to run grassroots-level competitions to foster more young talent in esports so that they can compete in bigger and high-level tournaments. We aim to be the starting point for all budding gamers with potential and growing talent.

Partner With Us

While we started off as an editorial and content generation website, we are breaking barriers to redefine what it means to be content creators in the video games ecosystem.

Here’s what we achieved and done content-wise for the past few years:

Kakuchopurei is also part of OpenCritic

We would love to partner with you and help you with your gaming business, or consult you about all things video game industry-related if you plan on entering the booming business. Events, sponsored content, video work, copywriting, consultation: we do it all! 

But don’t take our word for it: hear the good news from our partners & clients!

“Thanks to the generous support of Kakuchopurei media outlet, we were able to showcase GigaBash at AniManGaki event in 2022 at MIECC with not one, but additional two booths. The collaboration was a success, creating significant awareness and we received an overwhelming response from attendees who were eager to play and learn about it. We are grateful for the media support provided by Kakuchopurei and helped us achieve our goal of creating a memorable experience for our guests.” – Passion Republic Games
“We love what Kakuchopurei did with the TMNT Arcade Challenge with Raretech’s expertise. It’s rare to see arcade-like setups these days and they delivered on that front. They definitely help attract a lot more visitors and players into the fold; we thank them for their support!” – Infinite Carnage

If you’re interested in doing business with us, do contact us at hello@kakuchopurei.com.