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Path of Exile 2 Is Massive, Has 6 New Classes, 100 Bosses, And Runs Alongside PoE

We’ve been waiting since 2019, and it’s finally here. We’ve got a big dump of information on the long awaited Path of Exile 2.

Back in 2019, Grinding Gear Games unveiled the first glimpse of Path of Exile 2. Since then, except for a few teasers, information has been scarce. Originally envisioned as a significant update, similar to Overwatch 2, it was meant to bring new graphics, content, and systems to the existing game.

However, at ExileCon this year, everything changed. Path of Exile 2 was revealed as a separate and true sequel, taking place 20 years after the original. Let’s delve into the details!

Truly One Path of Exile

It began with a plan to update old character models from around 2007. As the game director, Jonathan Rogers, explained, it evolved into a chain of enjoyable projects. The idea to update and make more quality of life improvements to the original Path of Exile eventually led to the decision of creating an entirely new game.

“We realized that our plan to replace PoE 1 with PoE 2 would essentially be destroying a game that people love for no reason, so we made a decision. Path of Exile 1 and 2 will be separate, with their own mechanics, balance, endgame, and leagues.” – Jonathan Rogers

For players, this means having two versions of Path of Exile to enjoy simultaneously. Both games will be active together, featuring a new league every three months (or even more frequently for dedicated players). Don’t worry about your stash tabs and skins, as they will remain usable in both games. Your prized legacy six-links in Standard won’t change, and any future purchases will be compatible with both games (except for certain exclusive content not present in PoE 1).

(Credits to Sali)

Here’s what we know for now:

  • Six new character classes, along with the six from PoE 1 for 12 total (Sorceress, Monk, Huntress, Mercenary, Warrior, Druid),
  • New ascendancies, with three for each class,
  • A revamped skill gem system where the links are in the gems themselves, not tied to equipment,
  • Tons of new skills, including shapeshifting (bear, wolf, cat) and giant comets,
  • Meta gems, which are gems that can have other gems socketed into them (think things like cast on crit or spell totem),
  • New weapon types, like spear and crossbow, which have their own skills,
  • A six-act story campaign set 20 years after the death of Kitava,
  • A new map-based endgame,
  • A dodge roll for everyone that doesn’t require a gem link, with the ability to dodge-cancel abilities,
  • Changes to crafting and the economy, including changes to the way chaos orbs work and the introduction of gold as a currency,
  • Over 100 new bosses to battle, each with unique mechanics.

Gemtastic Overhaul

(Credits to Sali)

In Path of Exile 2, skill gems receive a major overhaul, changing how they interact with gear. Instead of items having sockets for skills, the skill gems themselves will have sockets. Uncut gems drop from monsters and can be assigned to the skills of your choice. The number of support gems attached will still depend on the item level, but they now drop at the monster’s level, so you don’t need to level them up from scratch. This allows for more flexibility in using different skills, as you’re not limited to specific six-link items for your main damaging abilities.

Swapping items becomes much easier since skills are no longer tied to item sockets. You can switch out items without worrying about jewelers, fusings, or chromes. Additionally, parts of your passive skill tree can be assigned to a weapon swap, making it seamless to switch between different skills mid-combat.

Meta gems enable further customization by allowing you to socket multiple skill gems inside them. You can reserve Spirit to automatically cast skills based on certain triggers or link multiple skills to cast in a specific order. Spirit becomes a new resource for reserving buffs and trigger skills, making mana management more significant.

These changes create a more dynamic combat experience, allowing players to use multiple skills effectively and enabling powerful, high-cost abilities like the beloved ice comets.

Gold Frenzy

(Credits to Sali)

One of the brilliant things about Path of Exile is its unique economy. Unlike other games with generic currency like gold, every currency orb in PoE serves a specific purpose, such as rerolling affixes or gem links on items, giving them intrinsic value. However, in Path of Exile 2, they are introducing gold, which initially raised concerns.

But, there’s a good reason behind it. Gold will help smoothen the early game experience without making it the primary trading currency. It means less hassle in the early stages, avoiding repetitive trips to town for specific orbs. The introduction of gold will streamline early currency drops and reduce the need to pick up and sell as much low-value gear. Additionally, gold will be used for gambling, which makes it a suitable gold sink and appeals to the love for gambling among exiles.

The Path of Exile 2 closed beta starts on 7 June, 2024. Check out the new classes in action below.

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