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Street Fighter 6: World Tour Mode All Masters Location [Update]

In Street Fighter 6’s massive World Tour mode, you play as your own avatar in the Street Fighter universe, able to adopt fancy street fighter moves from blue projectiles to even Spinning Pile Drivers.

How does one get all these lovely toys to play with? Simple: by learning them from the many Masters in Street Fighter 6. In the game’s main missions, you can learn from a handful of them like Chun-Li and Luke, the latter whom you start off with the moment your avatar/Cronenberg freak of nature is created. During your time in Metro City and while you’re jetsetting, you’ll find many quests and side missions that will lead you to a few others.

You can only adopt each Masters’ specific fighting style one at a time, but you can mix and match special moves to your character’s repertoire as long as you have enough space in your move list, and as long as the moves don’t share the same input. For instance, you cannot equip both Hadouken and Gladius as they have the same input, but you can equip a Hadouken and Sonic Boom. Essentially, you can have a Zangief fighting style but equip a Sonic Boom and Flash Kick to be a defensive powerhouse, or have a Cammy fighting style and just have a Screw Pile Driver to add more dangerous mixups. The possibilities are endless!

This guide will tell you who you can find and all the Masters list.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour: How To Find And Unlock All Masters In Street Fighter 6



You start off with him at the beginning of World Tour mode.

Noteworthy Moves: Rising Uppercut, Heat Knuckle, Sand Blaster. You can only get the latter if you raise your Luke style level high enough; do this



Chun-Li is the second Master you can unlock. Just keep playing through World Tour mode until you reach Chapter 2-1 where you can explore Chinatown. You can’t miss her and her thighs.

She is available in the day in Chinatown at Metro City.

Noteworthy Moves: Kikouken, Spinning Bird Kick, Lightning Legs, Tenshouken (anti-air with unique input). Her fighting style gives you access to good footsie tools and a neutral jumping HK attack that hits both sides of the screen. The only other character who has this is Juri and you can only get her late in the World Tour, so if you want a useful attack that hits both sides, you should adopt Chun-Li’s fighting style early on.



You find her in Chapter 3-3, where the game teaches you about using Flight Tickets & collecting Miles to earn free Flight Tickets. She is located in Colosseo in Italy.

Noteworthy Moves: Gladius, Phalanx. She has moves with one hit of armour, which is useful for many situations where you’re getting ganged up on by enemies.



One of the many “missable” Masters, she is only accessible if you do a sidequest in Metro City. The one you’re looking for is “Spirit Guide” when you reach Chapter 4-1. Complete it, and you’ll unlock a new location: Thunderfoot Settlement in Mexico.

Noteworthy Moves: Mexican Typhoon. Her fighting style gives you access to good footsie and poking tools. Levelling her Master level up will give you access to an awesome command grab, so it’s worth sticking with her.



You’ll get to access Blanka as a Master when you’re given the option to travel to Brazil during Chapter 6-1; it’s during a mission where Luke asks for some souvenirs and have you travelling as a life lesson.

Talk to Blanka to get him to be your Master. Also, you’ll score a Blanka Chan suit that can help boost your stats.

Noteworthy Moves: Rolling Attack, Electric Thunder. His Rolling Attack is very useful and is hard to punish. It’s arguably better than having a fireball.


Dee Jay

You can access him as a Master in Chapter 6-1 when you gain access to go to Bather’s Beach in Jamaica. Just talk to Dee Jay and you’ll get his moves & fighting style.

Noteworthy Moves: Air Slasher. It’ll take a while until you access Guile and level up his Master Level to get his Sonic Boom. Dee Jay’s Air Slasher is a good alternative.



To access Cammy as a Master, you need to search for a sidequest called “Special Unit Del-?” in Chapter 7-1, located in Metro City’s subway. Doing so will enable an encounter with Cammy in King’s Street, England.

Noteworthy Moves: Spiral Arrow, Cannon Strike. Cammy’s dive kick is accessible from the get-go when you enlist her as your Master. Just add it to your aerial special move slot; it’s useful as a way to break your fall and to also get extra hits in if you aim for your opponent’s lower-half.



The ballet judo model fighter is accessible as a Master if you finish the sidequest “Extra” when you hit Chapter 7-3. Talk to the manager in Metro City, then buy the upper body and lower body Gi attire and equip both of them. You’ll end up as an extra for a shoot in France, where you meet Manon and get her to be your Master.

Noteworthy Moves: Command Grab. Adopting her fighting style means you get access to good footsie tools and the Medal level system; command grab your opponent with Manon’s moves and your grabs will get more powerful.



You’ll get to access him as a Master as part of the main mission in Chapter 8-3. To pass this quest, you need to buy a Construction Helmet from the shop with the vans nearby the Stadium, and then enter the construction site while equipped with the helmet.

Noteworthy Moves: Shoryuken. Ken has a good anti-air that has multiple hits if you use the EX/OD version. Also, he’s good with combos so do adopt his fighting style if you like using some rushdown tactics.


Edmond Honda

Get a picture of E.Honda during the main quest “Big In Japan” in Chapter 8-4.

Noteworthy Moves: Hundred Hand Slap, Sumo Headbutt. You get two awesome moves to use and abuse when you enlist E.Honda as a Master from the start. Using a fighting style with a good crouching MK poke and fast moves (like Cammy’s or Chun-Li’s), then cancel to Hundred Hand Slap. Rinse and repeat, but do mix it up and bait your opponent; you’d be surprised at how the AI falls for this half the time.



Once you complete E.Honda’s photo mission, you can gain access to Genbu Temple in Japan to then meet with Ryu. Just talk to him to get him to be your Master. Do at least level up his fighting style so you can unlock his adventure with text messaging on the phone, which is all kinds of hilarious.

Noteworthy Moves: Hadouken. A good fireball to add to your repertoire.



Once you unlock his cutscene in the main quest, you can recruit Jamie as your Master. He is located up on the roof in the Chinatown area, past the right side of the alley, only at night.



Once you meet her in a main mission cutscene during Chapter 8-7, you can find her on a roof right above your Hangout. It’s the one with the “superhero” Watcher on it, but at the far back left once you climb the second ladder behind him.


Guile becomes available during Chapter 8-7 via a sidequest you can unlock by talking to an NPC near the construction site (where Ken is). Wear your SiRN lab coat, then talk to the NPC; you’ll be given a task to check out the Carrier Byron Tylor at the Grace Marina port. Once you beat up some cleaning drones, you’ll eventually meet Guile and he’ll become your Master.

Noteworthy Moves: Flash Kick, Sonic Boom. You’ll need to level up his Master Level if you wish to earn the best projectile in the game, but at least his best anti-air is available from the start.


You can find Dhalsim by finishing a quest called “Yoga Statue” located in Metro City; it unlocks around Chapter 9. Buy the item from the scam artist in the day for 7,000 zenny, then meet the same guy at night to beat him up and teach him a lesson. He’ll give you 5,000, a free air ticket, and the Dhalsimer Temple location. Talk to Dhalsim in the temple and he’ll be your Master.

Noteworthy Moves: Yoga Teleport. Very useful to have especially if you’re using a grappler style.



You can access the sidequest leading to Zangief during Chapter 9. Just find the “Hither and Tither” side mission at Night nearby the Stadium. Fight the wrestler, and they’ll give you the location to Zangief’s ring in Russia.

Noteworthy Moves: Screw Piledriver, Double Lariat. One move’s the best command grab in the game, while the other is a good anti-air/combo-ender with only two easy inputs. Both moves are great to add to your avatar’s arsenal.



You can access Juri as a Master during Chapter 12 via a sidequest called “A Hardboiled Adventure”. Once that quest is over, you can encounter Juri in Nayshall and ask her to teach you her moves. You will need to select the right answers to her questions though; just make sure you portray yourself as someone with a spine.

Notable Moves: Divekick, Spinning Wheel. Her fighting style is fast and has a neutral jumping HK that hits both sides. Pretty useful overall.



To access Rashid as a Master, you need to progress up to Chapter 12 so that you can unlock the Old Nayshall hideout. Rest until nighttime, then take on the sidequest In Search of Talent by talking to a man named Azam nearby the hideout. Then head to The Lowlands – Commerce Plaza and head up the road until you come across a cutscene. You’ll be tasked to fight Rashid; he’s Level 45 so do buff up your character so that you can take him on. Once that’s sorted, you can then rest until Daytime and meet Rashid at the Old Nayshall train station, then get him to be your Master.

Notable Moves: Arabian Cyclone, Spinning Mixer, Whirlwind. Good moves to have as traps and projectiles, especially when mixed in with other hard-hitting moves.


To access JP as a Master, you need to finish World Tour mode. Then head back to Old Nayshall in Nighttime. Head up to Mount Vayshal and the Suval’hal Arena Entrance. JP will be on the stairs near the back of that area; talk to him and after a bunch of story cutscenes, he’ll be your Master.

Notable Moves: Triglav, Torbalan. What’s better than a grappler with hard-hitting moves? A grappler with projectiles that can combo after one another. Conversely, a rushdown character with Triglav means you can control the zone to your liking from any distance.




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